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About Us

Every living being would like to protect their loved ones and the thing they care about instinctively.

By calculating all the negative events that may occur, our company aims to manufacture high-security solutions while protecting the privacy of all accommodations against all odds!

After being established in 1993, our company has taken a step into the environmental security by manufacturing panels fences. Investments have expanded in time by the production of panel fences, razor wires, gabions and meshes.

Built with a production area of 10,000 m² with 2 separate factories in Kayseri, we have become a major production center in the industry in a short amount of time. With its high capacity, advanced machinery and specialized staff our company offers effective solutions to its customers without any compromise on quality and services. All local and abroad requests are produced according to the ISO, CE & TSE standards. Our company has been aiming to be “the leading brand” since the first day of establishment in the local and global markets. Our aim is the reach the “high-value domestic production” in our R&D improvements.

We would like the thank our valued customers for their support and their trust, which made us come this far and we would like to state that we will carry on this process as ‘producers’ without any compromise of our ethical values.

Best Regards,

Abdullah KEÇELİ
Founder & General Manager

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